The Friends of White Tank Park are a group of local residents whose Mission is to assist in maintaining the wonderful character of the Park and to support improvements and educational activities through fund raising activities.

Thus the objectives of the Friends organization are:

  • Provide support for Park environmental education programs and printed materials that recognize the nature and fragility of the Sonoran Desert.

The Friends seek to make visits to White Tank Park an educational and memorable experience. As a contributor to the Friends of White Tank Park you will be the recipient of the newsletter which will feature articles about the flora, fauna, geology and area history. It will, along with the website, identify special events, happenings and sightings on the Park grounds. We offer opportunities to be involved in the Friends organization.

 meetingGuy     Our next Member Meeting will be Sunday, October 5th in the Nature Center at the ParkTime is 2:00 p.m.  Meetings generally last from one hour to one and a half hours. 
 All members and visitors are welcome.   Please join us! 


 Friends of White Tank Park members volunteered
time to clean up picnic areas after Easter.